The Corpus Callosum

Most people expect a wait when they call tech support.
 Knowledgeable users arrange to have something to do to kill
some time: a book, magazine, something like that.

This is the story of Timothy Scott Short, who is going to have to wait
a very long time.

Short stole a specialized printer, used to make driver’s licenses.
 When he got it home, he realized he’d need the printer
drivers.  So he called tech support.  

Two days after the theft, Digimarc’s tech
help line got a call from someone named “Scott” who wanted to buy
software for the same model of printer that was stolen from the
Missouri office building, IDG said. The tech staff tipped off the
Secret Service, who listened to a recording of the caller’s voice and
recognized it as Short’s from another, unrelated investigation, IDG
reported. The caller also gave Digimarc a contact phone number that was
used in the previous Short investigation.

A Secret Service agent said the printer’s only use is the manufacture
of licenses…

Maximum prison time: 10 years.