The Corpus Callosum

Bizarre Dialog Box

One of the occasional problems with commercial software is
the need for
“activation.”  One problem with any software is the potential
inevitability of bugs. Both problems are
in the screenshot.

i-ff49c96711e2a79f1b94b86c3a551f0a-Activation Woes.JPG

So I only have 12,209 years to act.  

I would like to be able to trust Symantec to have reliable software,
but this calls their QA into question.


  1. #1 Scott Belyea
    October 25, 2007

    < blockquote>So I only have 12,209 years to act.

    No, no … it’s much more urgent than you think.

    We do have leap years, you know. In fact, you only have a bit over 12,201 years to renew ..

  2. #2 sinned34
    October 25, 2007

    Ugh, I hate Symantec antivirus… I haven’t used an antivirus since 2003 because it frustrated me so much and caused more problems than some viruses can.

  3. #3 CRM-114
    October 25, 2007

    These idiocies are getting documented for all to enjoy at

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