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A guy was sitting at a stoplight, minding his own business,
when a wrecking ball crashed into the trunk.  The man was not
seriously injured.

The wrecking ball was being used in demolition, but apparently had a
defective cable.


mishap defines wrecking ball

One breaks loose, goes on tear near college
Tuesday, July 10, 2007
By Steve Levin, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Alex Habay was in his Ford Taurus, stopped
at a traffic light in downtown Meadville, Crawford County, yesterday
morning, thinking about nothing, idly listening to a radio commercial
while on his way to his summer job at the YMCA.

That’s when a 1,500-pound wrecking ball smashed into the rear of his

“I was in complete bewilderment,” said Mr. Habay, 20, of Hampton, a
junior at Allegheny College. “At first I thought it was a car, but when
I turned around there was no car.

“I was confused.”

So were a lot of other people in Meadville yesterday.

Meadville police said the episode began around 9:45 a.m. about 3,600
feet away, near Allegheny College’s Pelletier Library, where a crane
was demolishing part of the building. That’s where the cable holding
the 3-foot-diameter wrecking ball snapped, starting its downhill tumble
from the college to the town.

Police said crane operator Robby L. Boring, 28, of Meadville, was
injured when he tried to stop the wrecking ball by throwing bricks in
front of it.

As it gained momentum, the wrecking ball rumbled from the campus along
North Main Street, pinballing back and forth across the street, hitting
nine parked cars and damaging curbs with each impact…

And my favorite part:

…Six hours later, the economics major
and forward on the Allegheny College soccer team complained of neck and
back pain and “a really bad headache,” but felt good enough to go take
a look at his car.

“It looks pretty bad,” he said…


  1. #1 k?z oyunlar?
    April 9, 2008

    That is really a bad accident.VEry unlucky

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