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Tech Tip #5: Search ScienceBlogs

Why use Google, which will give you ten million irrelevant
hits, when all you really want to do, is to find the juicy stuff on

Well, you can navigate to the ScienceBlogs home page, and search there,
or go to any of the blogs and use the search boxes there.  Or,
to simplify things a bit, use can use a Firefox extension.

First, you have to get
, if you don’t have it already.  The install
the “Add to Search Bar” extension (install
).  Once it is installed, you have to restart

Then, go to the ScienceBlogs
home page
.  Find the search box in the left sidebar.
 Right-click in the search box.  The little menu
(context menu) that pops up will have an item in it: “Add to search
bar…”  Select that, and you are all set.  

Then, anytime you want to see whether a ScienceBlogger has posted on a
particular topic, you can select the SB search engine and do the
search, regardless of what page you happen to be looking at.  

An added bonus: If the SB search engine is the one that is active, you
can highlight any text on any page, right-click, and select “search
ScienceBlogs for…”

Curious about the Mesozoic Cow?  Itching to see the best photo
in the world of the Roseate Skimmer?  Now it is simple.

You also can install search engines for your favorite individual blogs
on ScienceBlogs, using the same method.  In fact, you can
install search engine for any site that has a
search box.


  1. #1 Webs
    November 23, 2007

    Another easy way to search with Firefox is to just right click on any search bar (be that Google, Yahoo, Whatever) and click on “Add a Keyword for this Search…”. When the box pops up, Give it any name you want, then type in your keyword (I like to keep things simple and use the keyword “g”). Then whenever you want to search you can just type into the address bar “[Keyword] [Search Item]”.

    So if you are searching for Google, you can type in “g science blogs” without the quotes from the address bar, and you should get the same results you would typing “science blogs” without quotes into Google’s homepage.

  2. #2 Laurent
    November 25, 2007

    Hum. That would seem like blogomorphism.

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