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Psttacosis Outbreak: Huckabee Responds

Mike Huckabee is on the warpath again.  

In Washington state, there has been an
of ,
a pulmonary infection caused by contact with imported birds that carry Chlamydophila psittaci

Responding to the outbreak, Huckabee decried the widespread practice of
cockatiel-human fraternization.  He said, citing
that persons who engage in such activity should be stoned.

He also called for tighter border control.  He stated that The
Wall should be extended to encompass the entire country, and that is
should be raised to a height of ten miles.

That should be enough to keep those pesky little Nymphi-whatever
out of our sacred Nation.

He also called for
widespread deployment of the bird-high-altitude-area-defense system


A spokesperson for Lockheed-Martin indicated that the BHAAD system
could be implemented for less that one trillion dollars.
 Campaign donations are said to be forthcoming.


  1. #1 Jason
    December 29, 2007

    Oooh. Snarky!

  2. #2 stumpy
    December 29, 2007

    We need a Wall, preferably of the Biblical proportions you describe. The dimensions of my stumpy instrument nothwithstanding, I nevertheless support the notion of an impregnable Wall around these Yew-nighted States of America, in order to keep out the unwanted and illegal Pakastanis and Mexicans. And Cubans. And Hatians. And Slavs. And Guatemalans. And Russians. And other persons of Color. Allah be praised and deliver us unto the warm arms of Theocratic States of America. And damn soon.

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