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Impeachment Update

Keith Olbermann Special Commentary on Bush Lies Ron Paul was interviewed by Bill Moyers last Friday (1/4/2008).  Paul Responded to Moyers’ observation that the media have been complicit in keeping the War out of the public eye as the campaign is heating up.   But, you know, isn’t it amazing at the end of last…

New AvantGo Feed Link

I know I’ve been a bit lax with this blog lately, but just in case anyone still cares, and has a mobile device (such as a Palm Pilot, smart phone, etc.) you now can get the RSS feed for Corpus Callosum on your device.  You have to use the AvantGo service.   If you want,…

Iowa Caucuses

There are only two interesting things about what happened in the Iowa caucuses.  One, the turnout for Democrats was much higher than the turnout for Republicans.  Voter turnout is everything in US elections.  It will continue to be the single most important factor, until we adopt a civilized form of Democracy and make voting mandatory.…

How To Believe In God

Instantly!  This product gives you an immediate Save!  It’s like getting a thousand gold coins in Super Mario Brothers all at once! Doubters say it works via the placebo effect, but why not try it, if it could give you eternal life? (source)

New Year 2008

This photograph expresses my hopes for the new year: From Flickr (set of photos); photo by Cliff Kemper (Cliffk1999).   I do not know the story behind this portmanteau vehicle, so I am free to make stuff up.  (It’s the American way, you know.)