The Corpus Callosum

than 90,000 u.s. infants are victims of abuse or neglect
 My question: what is Michael
gong to do about it?  

Homeland security begins at home.  Nothing new there.
 It was true before 9/11, and it is true now.  


  1. #1 FullFrontal
    April 4, 2008

    What’s this now? You want our current administration to better care for defenseless children? Oh I see where the confusion is. Yeah, sorry…child abuse doesn’t actually fall under their officially sanctioned “moral issues” list. You know–gay marriage and abortion?

  2. #2 the real cmf
    April 4, 2008

    What will Chertoff do about it? If he was smart, he would do what the last Democrat admin did: just blame creepy men and strangers for child abuse(the blame the patriarchy approach), and continue to ignore the fact that women commit the great, huge, obscenely large,under-studied, under-reported amount of it.
    That way, we can build even more prisons for even more falsely accused men;-)
    Oh, wait, that strategy is beginning to crumble:,0,3381698.story?track=rss

    I got it! Ship the ebil child er-busin’mens off to Iraq!
    oh…that’s crumbling too…

    *sigh* time to call the spade a spade….

  3. #3 Left_Wing_Fox
    April 15, 2008

    cmf: Men’s Rights Activist, I assume?

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