The Corpus Callosum

Consolidation of media is but one step in the consolidation of power,
another brick in the wall.
 It is a grave threat.  Watch Bill Moyers, speaking
at the National
Conference for Media Reform
, give an
impassioned speech about this topic.

Seriously, consolidation of media is more of a threat to “our freedoms”
than Osama even could be.

(HT: freepress)


  1. #1 dwaltman
    June 7, 2008

    Ok…I’m commenting even before I watch this speech. My first thought is yes, of course, I agree. Consolidation of music labels, radio stations, and news media has been and continues to be a negative. However, my second thought is that blogging, youtube, etc. has decreased the overall effect that consolidation might have. Ok…I’ll go watch now.

  2. #2 stumpy
    June 7, 2008

    Bill Moyers should be a national hero, and a national treasure. But even if he were — or is — it won’t matter. The real threat to the values we as Americans, and human beings, hold dear, doesn’t come at all from Hitler, or Stalin, or Fidel or Osama. The threat comes from within, from the “mega-media” conglomerates that Bill Moyers rails against, and from the bigger corporate backers of these media giants, which use Osama and his ilk as another profit center.

  3. #3 themadlolscientist
    June 8, 2008

    I’m an absolutely shameless Bill Moyers groupie. He is indeed a national treasure – one of the most intelligent, forthright commentators and best interviewers I’ve ever seen, and a true all-round class act.

    It’s a damn shame he’s practically disappeared from the commercial media. But soft-spoken, gentlemanly voices of common sense and reason like his don’t sell a whole lot of soap, cars, or cereal in our cranked-up, raucous media world.

    (Incidentally, not many people know he’s an ordained Southern Baptist minister – although he only spent a few years in active ministry before returning to journalism and politics.)

    Long live Bill Moyers!

  4. #4 mp4 divx xvid
    June 17, 2008

    Ann voting for HRC makes more sense than a progressive voting for Ron Paul or McCain.


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