The Corpus Callosum

Withdrawal From Iraq

Republicans see that they are losing on this issue, so they just make
the issue go away: U.S.,
Iraqi Negotiators Agree on 2011 Withdrawal

Withdrawal from Iaq is one of Obama’s stronger points.  So it
is a smart move for the Administration to  just make it into a
non-issue.  Ok, whatever, just stop the illegal
coersion of kids
to join the Army.  

Follow the link to listen to the interview and the aurio tape of the
recruiter.  It’s like the Army is kidnapping our kids.

So I don’t care about the campaign issue, so long as the war really
does end.  Even if it does turn into a very long, but
low-level occupation, they can do that with true volunteers.
 Recruiters will not have to stoop to tactics more befitting a
banana republic.