The Corpus Callosum

McCain has explained his choice of running mate, saying it will “shake
up the status quo in Washington.”

It’s time for a fact check, comparing Palin to the status quo…

Anti-environment Yes Yes
Anti-science Yes Yes
Oil Industry Supports Supports
Policy expertise
None None
None None
Shoots people in face Yes Unknown
Qualified to be President No: bad heart No: bad grammar
Miss Congeniality Not quite Yes
Anti-abortion Yes Yes

Right, a proponent of oil companies in the White House.
 That’s sure to shake things up.  I’m sure she will
do a heck of a job.

About the foreign policy experience, Fox
points out that Palin does have
experience, because Alaska is close to Russia.  All those
refugees swimming across the Bering Strait have taught her a thing or
two…oh, wait, those were polar

Palin has stated that as VP, she would promote the interest of Alaskans.

Perhaps we should change the rules a bit, so each
State can send someone to be co-vice President, so all States would be
represented in the White House.  

SHe also has voices support for Creationsim.
 And she’s a climate-change

In a way, this is reminiscent of the nomination of Harriet Miers.
 A surprise pick, dubious qualifications, gets everyone’s
attention.  Maybe clever, more likely a cheap gimmick.
 Plus, it suggests that the person who made the pick is a tad impulsive.

Seriously, the only thing the Republican establishment cares about is
oil.  They need a proponent of the Industry in the White
House.  Everything else is just a distraction.  Palin
might shake some things up a bit, but they are not
the things that the Party insiders care about.


  1. #1 Your H.S. Teacher
    August 30, 2008

    Speaking of bad grammer…

    SHe also has voices support for Creationsim.

  2. #2 Joseph j7uy5
    August 30, 2008

    It’s a rule, and as a teacher you should know the rule. Anyone who criticizes spelling, grammar, or style, must make an error in the course of their criticism. Otherwise, it would seem mean.

  3. #3 Bill the Cat
    August 30, 2008

    Now, that’s funny! Thank you, I needed that.

  4. #4 Quiet Desperation
    August 30, 2008

    All those refugees swimming across the Bering Strait have taught her a thing or two…oh, wait, those were polar bears.

    Hey, do you know how much it costs to feed and house a polar bear relative to, say, an illegal alien from Mexico? 🙂

    And those bears are *picky* eaters. No government cheese for them!

  5. #5 Quiet Desperation
    August 30, 2008

    They could still get my vote if we find out that Palin regularly goes out and wrestles the polar bears. Dressed as Lara Croft.

  6. #6 textivore
    August 30, 2008

    Yes, but who wants to put the outfits on the bears?

  7. #7 Cuttlefish
    August 31, 2008

    This race is a bit of a mess
    But there’s one thing that’s clear, I confess–
    She may be a chick,
    But she acts like a Dick
    (That is, Cheney), but wearing a dress.

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