The Corpus Callosum

Mental Health Needs Increasing

The economic crisis is reported to be responsible for a recent increase
in calls for mental health services:

worries driving more people to seek help

September 20, 2008

A tidal wave of anxiety is washing over America, from
Wall Street’s concrete canyons to the lettuce fields of California,
propelled by the mortgage industry collapse, high gas prices, tight
credit and rising unemployment.

Operators of telephone help lines, insurers, hospital administrators
and therapists, interviewed over the last month, say the financial
services crisis, which has caused an explosion of foreclosures, is
sending everyday people to mental-health services at levels not seen
since the 9/11 terror attacks…

…In New York, the number of calls to the Hopeline network from people
with depression or suicidal thoughts leaped to 10,368 in July, 75
percent more than in August of 2007.

This sure would be a good time for congress to rush through some emergency

No, I’m not talking about Paulson’s
seven hundren billion dollar money-laundering scheme
 That will be rushed through, despite the
unconstitutional provision that precludes court review.  The
Democrats in Congress think they are doing the middle class a favor, by
trying to attach provisions to the bill that would throw a few crumbs
to the middle class.  Critics decry this tactic (Democrats
eye bailout — and more
).  Never mind the fact that
the bill is a grossly irresponsible from a fiscal standpoint.
 Never mind that it is the culmanation of a mind-boggling transfer
of wealth
to the ultra-rich.  

I am not talking about that (well, not any more), rather, I am talking
about the legislation that calls for mental
health coverage parity
.  We’re going to need it.
 Ask Senator Pete
.  He is known as a deficit hawk, yet he has
been a major proponent of mental health coverage parity.