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The Future of Housing in the USA

Tiny houses.  Sensible way to live.  As long as everyone gets along. name=”allowFullScreen” value=”true”>

Cat Power

Cat Power is pretty cool.  Like What Would the Community Think. Music such as this has a long tail.  It is the nature of cat power.

You Look So Pretty In That Red Dress

SAN ANTONIO – Betty Owen is 92 and after a stroke four years ago, needs a feeding tube and can’t walk. But she was determined not to miss Tuesday’s election. She arrived at her polling place on a gurney in an ambulance, where an election judge and support worker climbed aboard with an electronic voting…

This Is Your Brain…On Art

This is an image of a human brain.  It is constructed using an imaging method known as diffusion spectrum imaging.  The technique has been discussed at Neurophilosophy and; both posts were based upon a paper in PLOS Biology. The image above is perhaps more visually appealing that the images in the POLS Biology paper,…