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Original Steampunk

This is a photo of the controls in the cabin of the Mallard, a steam locomotive built in 1938.  The Mallard was capable of traveling 202.7kph (126 mph), a record-high speed at the time.. The picture is from a series by David Mindell, posted at IEEE Spectrum Online.  Below is a photo of the Mallard,…

FDA Approves Tapentadol

Tapentadol is a drug for pain.  It was approved by the US FDA for the treatment of moderate to severe pain.  The FDA news release was dated 24 November 2008, although the actual approval was a few days earlier. Tapentadol acts on μ-opioid receptors, making it similar to morphine and its ilk.  Do we need…

The Origins of Greenwashing

Orion Magazine has a neat article on the first greenwashing campaigns in the USA.  Remember the crying Indian?  It’s all explained here. Although beautifully written, it is kind of sickening.  How we all were misled.  Screwed everything up.  

Food Again

This post ties together a number of themes that I have been harping upon for the past few years.  First, from Greg Mankiw’s blog: What’s wrong with the efficient scale? Reuters reports:     President-elect Barack Obama vowed on Tuesday to cut billions of dollars from wasteful government programs….An obvious example, Obama said, were reports of…