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Miscellaneous Financial Link

Business Matters has posted interviews
about the financial crisis.   these interviews provide a good
overview of the origin of the crisis, plus some clues as to where we
are headed.  The first interview is with Paul Craig
.  Roberts was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury
in the Reagan Administration.  The second interview is with
Ilargi, one of the pseudonymous authors of the blog, The Automatic Earth
They have different perspectives, but similar conclusions.

Basically, we’re screwed.


  1. #1 Mathieu
    June 4, 2009

    Very, very interesting analysis. I’m still not believing US is on the brink of economical collapse – that’s unreal, totally against what everyone else in the main channels are talking about. Someone is with delusions here, and I’m afraid to point out who might be getting their views distorted.

    Either way, I shall become more wary of the future. This isn’t the time to pick roses in the garden.

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