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Critical Infrastructure and Jobs

I wrote about this before, a couple of times, most thoroughly here.  I was reminded of this topic when I saw that the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) have updated their Report Card on America’s Infrastructure.  In 2008, I compared the positions of the two Presidential candidates, regarding advocacy for infrastructure improvements.  Obama was…

Sharon Astyk

Sharon Astyk will be joining Scienceblogs soon.  Everyone is encourage to read the post about her upcoming transition.  I would especially encourage my sciblings/colleagues here to read what her commenters have to say about us.  Really.  This is what the world thinks of us.

Mortality in Eating Disorders NOS

This post is about a journal article that describes mortality rates in populations of persons with eating disorders.  It is sort of about that.  The article is in the APA green journal, which is not openly accessible.  Only the abstract is free.  Usually I don’t write about closed-access articles.  But this is different, because I…