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Darwin Award Candidate

Clearly, this man is a candidate for the Darwin Award.  K. Wayne McLeod has been charged — posthumously — with running a Ponzi scheme that victimized an estimated 260 law enforcement agents. He deliberately solicited hundreds of people, all of whom have guns, all of whom know how to use their guns, and all of…

xkcd: Worst-Case Scenario

XKCD usually is pretty good; this one, however, is a brillant commentary on science journalism. People forget that once an event has happened, the probability of that event is exactly 1, and the probability of all other outcomes is exactly zero. (Click image for full-size view.) (Source page.)

How To Save Electricity on Christmas

Nicely illustrated in this photo: Thanks to Jim R., who doesn’t have a blog to link.

Felix the Cat

Today is the 90th anniversary of the first Felix the Cat cartoon. 1919-Felix The Cat – Feline Follies Uploaded by iToons. – Watch more comedy videos and sitcoms. Needless to say, it changed a lot over the years.  In the 1960’s, it was my favorite.

Yet Another Annoying Cartoon

We used to see a lot of cartoons that portray a psychiatrist’s couch.  That is not so common anymore.  When we do see them, they tend to be annoying.  This is no different, because it is so unrealistic. No psychiatrist would put the couch under the window like that.  It would defeat the purpose of…

Gorilla in a CAT Scanner

Sometimes I think I have difficult patients.  Then I saw this: Yes, it is a gorilla in a CT scanner.  The poor animal had mastoiditis; the scan was used prior to surgery.  The surgery was successful.  See The Big Picture at the Boston Globe for the original, from a series on World Animal Day 2009.…

The people of Obama are selling jellyfish candy.  Really. The photo shows a diver next to a specimen of Nomura’s jellyfish, Nemopilema nomurai.  These creatures occasionally swarm off the coast of Japan, where they are a nuisance.  Some creative souls have responded by finding ways to eat them.  Now, schoolkids in the Japanese town of…

Wine Label Nudity Absurdity

Alabama has decide to not allow a particular wine to be sold.  The reason is that the label contains “some nudity.” MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A wine label showing a nude nymph is too much for Alabama’s liquor control agency, which has told restaurants and stores not to sell the product. The label on Cycles Gladiator…

Real Neuroscientists

I got a kick out of this illustration.  It’s from the coloring book at Neuroscience for Kids, showing what neuroscientists look like: Neuroscience for Kids (link to pdf coloring book) Neuroscience for Kids (link to website)

Callosal Boobs

Someone reached my site by searching for “callosal boobs.”  He probably was disappointed.  The Corpus Callosum does not have boobs.  However, nearby, there is a pair of structures known as the mammillary bodies.  Maybe that will bring some joy. (image credit: The Medical Journal of Australia; HT: Mike’s High Yield Blog)