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Beware Swimming Spaghetti Monster

It is not obvious what this sign is intended to depict, or why.  It almost has to be a photoshop job (?).

For the Brain Geek Who Has Everything

This looks like a pile of wooden cubes with odd images on them.   Assemble them correctly, and you get a 3-D image of the brain…except you can’t see it when you are done… …because the image is entirely inside.   The real puzzle is this: Where do you get one?  I found it on…

Christopedia Juxtaposition of the Day

Various alternatives to and offshoots from Wikipedia have emerged over the years.  Some readers may be familiar with Conservapedia, as an example.   Now there is an entity known as Christopedia.  Today the Featured Article is the one about Barack Hussein Obama.  No big surprise there.  What is telling, is their choice of External Links:…


Seems like everything is being made so you can attach an iPod.   Shown below is the George Foreman iPod Grill.  With 10-watt speaker. How patriotic is that? And what are we to make of one of the reviews posted at I love George Foreman’s products! I own all of the grills, and I…

The Prophet

This article in the Onion was supposed to be a satire of the 2001 Bush inaugural speech.  It was not satire.  It was prophetic: Bush: ‘Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over’ January 17, 2001 | Issue 37•01 WASHINGTON, DC-Mere days from assuming the presidency and closing the door on eight…

From xkcd; click on image to see the original.

Photo of World Record Breaker

A new world record has been set: The previous record for hanging spoons on a human face was 15.  Joe Allison “smashed” the record with 16.  He’s only 16 years old.  He thinks that when his forehead is a little bigger, he’ll be able to do 17. (link)

A Little Worrisome

This is a nice bit of Scandinavian design. But take another look.  Notice the ST segment? HT: Neatorama.

Freud Was Wrong

Sigmund Freud was right about a lot of things, but he also was wrong about a lot of things.  For example, he thought that there were only two fundamental motivations: sex and aggression.  Bloggers know better, as this xkcd panel illustrates… (I know my colleague already posted this, but I couldn’t resist putting this twist…

It Looks Like…

…You are trying to run a country.  What would you like to do? This must be old, before Powell joined the torrent of acceptably competent persons leaving the Administration, and before MS Office 2007.  It is still funny.  HT: Dark Roasted Blend.