The Corpus Callosum

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Unflattering Comparison

In his article about what is wrong with Windows Vista, PC Mag’s John Dvorak unintentionally disrespects northern Michigan: Until now, Microsoft could sell code better than anyone, but it seems the company would rather sell services: software as a service, ads, search engine results—you name it. This is like the local storefront that opens as…

Shakespeare Quote Generator

O excellent! I love corpus callosum better than figs. Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from? Get your own quotes:

This is a highly amusing podcast, for nerds anyway.  Tweaking a few genes here and there will not alter our fundamental humanness.  But is this what we really want? Go to the page and click on the Listen: MP3 format link.

Demise of Open Access?

I was thrilled to note that the Journal of Geoclimatic Studies offered open access to their papers.  But as of today, the website is down, with no explanation.   Whois shows that their site was created on 11/2/2007.  Pity, it last just one week.  Funny thing is, most of the authors of their papers are,…

Balloon Neuroanatomy

From BoingBoing, an illustration of the neuroanatomy of balloon dogs: Original source: Pneumatic Anatomica.

Most people expect a wait when they call tech support.  Knowledgeable users arrange to have something to do to kill some time: a book, magazine, something like that. This is the story of Timothy Scott Short, who is going to have to wait a very long time. Short stole a specialized printer, used to make…

Emergency Beer Opener

Some people are amazingly creative…or thirsty. (Source)

Kids Will be Mateys

One of the essential skills a medical student has to learn is the ability to take a list of symptoms, exam findings, and lab results and determine which diagnosis is consistent with that data.  For example, when seeing a patient like the gorgeous and brilliant woman pictured above, you should immediately think that this patient…

Having a Bad Day?

Shows what can happen when you withhold cheezburgers.   (The caption indicates that the lizard survived.) photo by Chickenboots.

LOL Monkey-On-Goat

From Cellar Image of the Day…