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Sharon Astyk

Sharon Astyk will be joining Scienceblogs soon.  Everyone is encourage to read the post about her upcoming transition.  I would especially encourage my sciblings/colleagues here to read what her commenters have to say about us.  Really.  This is what the world thinks of us.

New AvantGo Feed Link

I know I’ve been a bit lax with this blog lately, but just in case anyone still cares, and has a mobile device (such as a Palm Pilot, smart phone, etc.) you now can get the RSS feed for Corpus Callosum on your device.  You have to use the AvantGo service.   If you want,…

Tech Tip #5: Search ScienceBlogs

Why use Google, which will give you ten million irrelevant hits, when all you really want to do, is to find the juicy stuff on ScienceBlogs? Well, you can navigate to the ScienceBlogs home page, and search there, or go to any of the blogs and use the search boxes there.  Or, to simplify things…

Shakespeare Quote Generator

O excellent! I love corpus callosum better than figs. Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from? Get your own quotes:

CC As Graph

This is a visual amusement, courtesy of Websites as Graphs.  The top one is Corpus Callosum.  The bottom one is the ScienceBlogs main page. The key is as follows:

Flying Carp Video

Why are people, all over the country, all of a sudden, searching for “Asian flying carp video?”

Brief Hiatus

Not posting much this week. I’ll be taking down my computers for a few days, making it difficult to post at all.   Maybe I will finally find out where all those little wires behind my computers go.  If I can get them all plugged in to the right spots again, regular posting will resume…


I am working on my next post, the one about amoxapine. But sssshhhh, I’m using Kubuntu. Heresy, I know, but what do you expect? It’s Sunday.

Speaking of open-source software, I recall posting a while back when the percentage of visits to Corpus Callosum, by users of Internet Explorer, dropped below 50%. Now, it is 24%.  Roughly parallels President Bush’s approval rating.  I wonder what those two stats would look like on a graph over time.


I took out the blogroll for now because it was taking forever to load.  I will put it back, somewhere, probably at the bottom of the page.  I hate to do that, but Blogrolling was just not responsive enough. UPDATE: The blogroll has been moved to its own page, accessible via a link under the…