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How Blog?

Obviously a follow-up to my last post, Why Blog? Like the Why Blog? post, this is partly a repetition of something I posted before, at least once.  But some of these points bear repeating, if only to remind myself. One thing is that I always use an free-standing editor to write posts.  The reason is…

ScienceBlogs Select

I know that the SB site can be overwhelming; there is a lot here, and it can take a lot of time to go through it all.  Now, for those of you who like to use feeds, e.g. Google Reader, you can get a “Select” view of what might be the best posts.  The method…

New Banner

Long-time readers have noticed that I tend to hype free software and resources from time to time.   After SB redesigned the skin for our blogs, I decided that I should redo the banner.  The old one was done in brown, specifically to match the old page style.  It looked dorky after the redesign. So,…

New Skin

Ok, the ScienceBlogs new skin is up.  It looks nice.  I was afraid that would happen.  Now my banner looks out of place.  I will need to design a new one that uses #f5ffe6 and/or #ebffcd.  Maybe something with #ebffcd, #ccffe0, #e0ccff, and #ffcceb.  Life is nutty sometimes.