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Personal DNA

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OK, Me Too

This is from a meme; Tikistitch has put up a list of the “Most Significant SF & Fantasy Books of the Last 50 Years“.  I got this from Coturnix, who got it from Myers.  John Wilkins has done it, too.   The idea is to put the ones you’ve read in boldface.  One thing I…

Those Were the Days

A slice of Pizza House’s large House Special deep dish pizza, which, at almost $25, is the most expensive pie listed on the menu of any pizzeria near Central Campus. (PETER SCHOTTENFELS/Daily) Those were the days…before I started taking lovastatin.

My Ikea Teakettle

Since I started a little self-disclosure yesterday, I am going to continue that theme.  Very few people know this about me.  The fact is, I have congenital amusia.  No, that does not mean I am “easily amused.”  It means I am tone deaf.   A couple of days ago, I heard a piece on NPR.…

Molly Ivins

We’ve lost one of the great journalists of our time: Molly Ivins.  She died after her third round of treatment for breast cancer. The photo above is from The Nation, one of our premier progressive publications.   I Remember Molly John Nichols pays tribute to the warmest-hearted populist ever to pick up a pen: Molly…

Friday Pet Blogging

This is my sister’s bulldog, doing what it loves the most.  You’ve got to be careful when doing this, though. It took a while to get this shot, to get one that was not blurry.  The dog kept jerking his head back and forth.

Border’s Bugs Me

So, here I go into Border’s last night. Spend $95. Everyone is happy. Then this morning, I get up and they’ve sent me an email, with a coupon: $20 off a $100 purchase, before 12/24. It came in at 1:27 AM, about six hours too late.

Ask A ScienceBlogger: Harsh Criticism

We were asked to describe the most notable instance of harsh criticism experienced in our professional careers, and to say whether it was helpful or harmful. Naturally, most of us are our own harshest critics, so my harshest criticism came from myself. What is odd, is the way this came about and affected me. During…

Thanksgiving Pi

Happy Thanksgiving! About the image: it’s big, I know, kind of slow for those with dial-up, and it’s going to mess up the formatting of the page for those with lower-resolution monitors.  I did shrink it some, but shrinking degrades the quality quite a bit. The above image is from the Wikipedia article on pi…

Football Thoughts

The Game just started.  I am not going to live-blog it, in the traditional sense, but I am going to make a few comments.   The student newspaper at UM is the Michigan Daily.  Right now, their entire front page (screen shot) on the website is a memorial to the recently-deceased former head coach, Bo…