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King of Bling

his is a photo of a mask from an ancient Peruvian tomb.  The mask is about 1,500 years of., made of copper and seashells, among other items. It is one of the front-page (web page, that is) photos at National Geographic.  The caption follows: April 10, 2009–Found in a treasure-filled tomb of the Moche culture…

How To Stay Warm

This photo is from Wikimedia; it shows a Japanese macaque (Macaca fuscata) in the Jigokudani Monkey Park in Nagano Prefecture,Japan.  The photo is in the public domain. The Park features natural hot springs. There are more photos here and here.  There is a live webcam here.

Frat Boy

This is precious. It is a screen shot from The Economist, from an article (The frat boy ships out) on the departure of George W. Bush. I recall that The Economist ended up endorsing Kerry, saying something like it was a tough call between two deeply flawed candidates.  Now, not so tough. It turned out…

Top 10 Astronomy Photos

Xinhua has helpfully posted the top 10 astronomy photos of the year (2008), according to National Geographic.

Prepared for the New Year?

This photo is one of Yahoo’s most emailed. (AP Photo/Detroit Zoo,Mark M. Gaskill)

Original Steampunk

This is a photo of the controls in the cabin of the Mallard, a steam locomotive built in 1938.  The Mallard was capable of traveling 202.7kph (126 mph), a record-high speed at the time.. The picture is from a series by David Mindell, posted at IEEE Spectrum Online.  Below is a photo of the Mallard,…

Beware Swimming Spaghetti Monster

It is not obvious what this sign is intended to depict, or why.  It almost has to be a photoshop job (?).

Nature Best Photography

This is a sample from Euphoria Magazine’s nature photography roundup for 2007.  I chose the most whimsical one; the others are more serious, but equally good.

Mysterious Aurora Spotted on Saturn

The Cassini orbiter shows us what is happening in the final frontier: This is an aurora on Saturn.  It’s false-color, obviously. The technique is explained on the NASA site: This image of the northern polar region of Saturn shows both the aurora and underlying atmosphere, seen at two different wavelengths of infrared light as captured…

Flickr Pickr: Hummingbird

This is a nice photo, with a Creative Commons license.  It’s a female Anna’s Hummingbird, Calypte anna. The picture was taken by Michael Risenhoover, who blogs at Michael 448.  Clcik on the image to go to the page and see the bigger versions.