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Apparently, the final straw was the recent heat wave. Robertson said on his television show this morning that the high temperatures stifling most of the country are “the most convincing evidence I’ve seen on global warming in a long time.” While I’m glad Robertson has belatedly seen the light, I must object to his notions of scientific evidence. As awful as this heat wave is, it doesn’t demonstrate global warming. If Robertson is really interested in evidence of climate change, I suggest he look here. (Then again, if he read that he couldn’t say that Katrina was a sign of our imminent apocalypse.)

Hat tip: Maggie


  1. #1 Babbler
    August 3, 2006

    With friends like these…

  2. #2 wamba
    August 3, 2006

    Very interesting. elsewhere, global-warming-denial is being folded in with the rest of the Fundy reality-denial matrix.

  3. #3 Cecilia Jamasmie
    August 8, 2006

    But here there’s somebody who doesn’t:

    Read Tim Ball’s article on Global Warming. He was the first Canadian Ph.D. in Climatology

  4. #4 tupac
    March 18, 2008

    I think that global warming sould be taken care of and people sould stop saying all this stuff to make us belive that the world is coming to an end and get there fact straight because there are to many ways that people are explaning global warming

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