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This Is Your Brain on Drugs

Over at, they have posted the five most obviously drug fueled TV appearances ever. Richard Pryor is pretty absurd – he can’t stop rubbing his sweaty face – but my favorite is James Brown, who answers every question by chanting “Living in America!”


  1. #1 HP
    August 18, 2006

    In all fairness to Klaus Kinski, he’s a) speaking French in the film clip, not German, b) completely in control of actions, and c) batshit insane. You gotta love someone who can go on a psychotic tear in at least four languages fluently. If anything, he’s probably not on drugs. You know, the ones his doctor prescribes.

    Check out Werner Herzog’s Woyzeck. That’s what Kinski looks like on drugs. Sweaty, confused, and mumbling.

    Man, I love Kinski. Nobody raves quite like him.

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