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How to Save $40,000 A Year

Go to Yale for free.

Yale University said on Wednesday it will offer digital videos of some courses on the Internet for free, along with transcripts in several languages, in an effort to make the elite private school more accessible.

While Princeton University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and others already offer course material online without charge, Yale is the first to focus on free video lectures, the New Haven, Connecticut-based school said.

The 18-month pilot project will provide videos, syllabi and transcripts for seven courses beginning in the 2007 academic year. They include “Introduction to the Old Testament,” “Fundamentals of Physics” and “Introduction to Political Philosophy.”


  1. #1 Guru
    September 25, 2006


    Prof. Knuth’s lectures (computer science, problem solving, mathematical writing courses) are available here:
    Knuth — Videos


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