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The Nintendo Wii and Antonio Damasio?

I’ve got a short essay on the Nintendo Wii, William James and Antonio Damasio over at It’s fun for the whole family. (And don’t believe the Sony Playstation 3 hype, unless you really care about how realistically your basketball players sweat. The Wii is a much cooler system.)

This is the irony of the Wii: although it can’t compete with the visual realism of Sony and Microsoft, it ends up feeling much more realistic. When I was testing out the Wii, I was surprised by how the new controller completely altered my gaming experience. Because my body was forced to move as if I were actually fighting off some nasty monster, or swinging a golf club, or ducking a punch, my brain was convinced that I was really inside the game. I was no longer just a hapless guy sitting on the couch. The Wii breaks down that annoying wall separating you from the television screen.


  1. #1 Michael
    March 8, 2008

    I agree. The Wii is definitely the most fun game system. It doesn’t need the most breakthrough graphics because the games are actually fun and not all about graphics.