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Chimps Like Older Females

The MILF phenomenon, biologically explained. From the National Post:

Female chimpanzees become more sexually attractive as they age, even into old age, according to research published today.

By studying the mating habits of our closest living evolutionary cousin, anthropologists from Harvard and Boston University discovered that there seems to be no such thing as a chimpanzee Lolita.

Male chimps of all ages, at least those of the Kibale reserve in Uganda, seem to prefer something closer to Stifler’s mom, the wizened sexpot in the teen movie American Pie. And the older the better.

“Chimpanzee males may not find the wrinkled skin, ragged ears, irregular bald patches and elongated nipples of their aged females as alluring as young men find the full lips and smooth complexions of young women, but they are clearly not reacting negatively to such cues,” the authors report in the journal Current Biology.