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Drink Sardinian Wine

You’ll live longer. From the latest Nature:

Regular, moderate consumption of red wine is linked to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease and to lower overall mortality1, but the relative contribution of wine’s alcohol and polyphenol components to these effects is unclear2. Here we identify procyanidins as the principal vasoactive polyphenols in red wine and show that they are present at higher concentrations in wines from areas of southwestern France and Sardinia, where traditional production methods ensure that these compounds are efficiently extracted during vinification. These regions also happen to be associated with increased longevity in the population.

Isn’t it funny that 21st century nutrional science basically tells us to live like 17th century Italian peasants? Use olive oil, eat fibrous vegetables and complex carbohydrates, drink red wine, especially the kind that’s made the old-fashioned way. There is some seriously ancient wisdom in the gastronomic habits of the Mediterranean. Through some mysterious process of cultural evolution they developed recipes and techniques that not only taste delicious – parmesan and prosciutto are ripe with umami – but manage to extend our lifespans.

PS. I’m no Robert Parker, but I really enjoy the wines from the vines of this Sardinian producer.


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