The Frontal Cortex

Don’t Worry About Global Warming

Just when I thought we are all doomed to inhabit a planet of acidic oceans and infernal heat, I learn that the Pentagon’s top weaponeer – nicknamed Dr. Evil – will save us all from global warming.

PS. Did you know that the the army can create rain? I sure didn’t.


  1. #1 oku
    December 15, 2006

    Scary. This sums it up best:

    “The chemistry of the Earth’s atmosphere is exceedingly complex,” Oppenheimer says. “You’re trading one destructive environmental problem for another — not a good idea, either in the short run or the long run.”

  2. #2 andy
    December 17, 2006

    Its interesting how all these proposed megatech “solutions” only deal with warming, not acidification of the oceans due to increased carbon dioxide, which seems to be totally ignored in the mainstream media.

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