The Frontal Cortex


More housekeeping/self-promotion here, but there was plenty of book news this weekend. First, the NY Times ran a nice review of my book written by D.T. Max. (If you haven’t read The Family That Couldn’t Sleep, you’re really missing out on a great science book.) Then the NY Post ran a very kind review. And then I’ve got an interview in The Toronto Star.

Q: Does your book show the gap between art and science or the link between art and science?

A: I hope my book tried to show they are ultimately bound, that in the end they can be two underlying descriptions of the same thing and neither has a monopoly. On the one hand, we are a sack of chemicals and electricity in the frontal cortex, but that doesn’t capture everything we are. That’s why we need novels and paintings and poems. They are both glances at this incredibly mysterious thing that we are.