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Disaster relief for Japan has taken on many forms, and I applaud artists when they use their talents and their broad outreach to help the victims and their families. The band Linkin Park has responded in their own way, using graphic design guided by their fans.

If you hate math, or know someone who hates math, Sir Harold Kroto describes an elegantly simple way to understand algebra – using shapes.

My son has been a Lego fanatic since he was about two years old. Our house is littered with those hard, plastic pieces on every floor, with various projects at different stages of completion – in some cases, merging into new hybrids. Legos are a great tool to encourage creativity. Who would have thought that…

This map shows a heatmap of 175,000 4.5+ magnitude earthquakes since 1973 based on data from the USGS (United States Geological Survey). And worldwide locations of nuclear power stations using information from the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). An alarming number of nuclear power plants are located within active earthquake zones. Will this be a…

Ozone levels over the Arctic as detected by satellite on March 16. Credit: NOAA This is the ozone hole like you’ve never seen it before. Is the ozone hole related to climate change or the “greenhouse effect”? In a word, no.

Japanese 3D Fog Bunny

This is a glimpse into the future of 3D technology, utterly fascinating.

Share This Online, 334 Ways!

Enthralled by the power of online social networking and search engines to advance my research projects and feed my insatiable appetite for information, I was under the impression that things were more or less under control. I was wrong.

Consider the realm of influence of Twitter itself, as a Twitterer – if there is such a term. Twitter just celebrated its “5th birthday.” Who is the CMO?

This article was co-authored with Dr. Rama Hoetzlein, Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Media Technology at the Aalborg University at Copenhagen. Dr. Hoetzlein prepared the graphic. With increasing concern about radiation exposure in Japan and beyond, you might wonder: How much radiation am I getting? It depends…

Scholars at Risk calls for letters on behalf of Bahraini mechanical engineering professor, who “was taken forcibly from his home on March 17th and imprisoned without charge.”