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Harvesting MMORPG Time

Source. I had a dream last night of harvesting MMORPG time to save the planet. Let me explain.

Korycheer Happy Children To mark the one year anniversary of the disastrous BP oil spill, I wanted to share this article that I published last summer. Like many New Jersey families, my children and I spent several sunny, fun-filled days on the Shore last summer, enjoying mini-golf, water parks and beautiful, pristine beaches. The BP…

My recent post “The Royal Wedding, A Thoughtful Theologian and the Faith/Science Conundrum” stirred up, not surprisingly, some thoughtful and not so thoughtful (or respectful) readers’ comments. Some readers mistook my article as an endorsement of Archbishop Williams’ writings – it was not. Sadly, readers missed the opportunity to wish the happy couple a bright…

The Two Ton Sugar Burden

Source – Pancreatic beta cells needed to produce insulin. Atlas carried the weight of the heavens on his shoulders. Americans may be carrying a burden of almost two tons of sugar from a lifetime of satisfying their sweet tooth.

To mark “Tax Day,” April 18:

Source. On April 29, Prince William and Kate Middleton will exchange wedding vows with Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury presiding. More than two billion viewers are expected to witness the event with well wishes for this handsome couple, with Britain’s future in mind. I wish them all the best, with opportunities and joy that…

Every driver is faced with increasing gas prices in the midst of a recession. Each morning, I drive past this gas station (somewhere in New Jersey) that heralds “$1” per gallon gasoline. Could this be true?

Thousands of Fingers

I had the pleasure of meeting recreational mathemusician (think about the implications) Vi Hart today at the “Thinking Creatively” conference on our campus. Watch this brilliant video (shown during her seminar) and learn mathematics like never before.

“Man“ The Tennessee General Assembly overwhelming passed Bill 368 yesterday (April 7), stating: Teachers, Principals and School Personnel – As introduced, protects a teacher from discipline for teaching scientific subjects in an objective manner. At first blush, it sounds reasonable. Is it?

Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Linux with us. Watch the Story of Linux to remember – or learn for the first time – how Linux disrupted a market and has begun to change the world. Do you see yourself in its story? The computer operating system Linux was introduced in August 1991. It was made…