Yes, I know that thousands of bloggers have been mining through the more than 24,000 emails released today from Sarah Palin’s time as Governor of Alaska. I could not resist some data mining myself.

Here’s my pick, for now:

If you would like to explore the direct source – not through major news media – here it is, from Crivella West, a firm that funded the enormous efforts of digitizing all of these documents from hard copies. Click here.

Note that you will find a number of her emails that include major portions blanked out, marked as “redacted.”

I have highlighted issues of environmental interest in this example.

From : Sarah Palin []

Sent: Monday, March 12, 2007 8:43 PM

To: PARNELL; S (GOV sponsored)

Subject: Re: Traveling issues

Holy moly… those are all outlandish rumors. I think Justin likes to stir it up, as information is power for the guys on the hill. His information happens to be all wrong tho.
I had a good conversation with Ted S. and George Lowe when I was in DC and told them I support Ted (I also talked to Catherine Stevens on my visit), so Justin is a few weeks off there. Ted was appreciative that I could reassure him that my plate was full as Governor and I was not planning a Senate run.

Crazy talk about me recruiting anyone to run against Don. Totally not true.
And Carl, even, is so totally off base about MidAmerican and any “deal cut”. It’s not true.
These guys are giving me way too much credit – like I have my schedule so under control that I have time to conjure up more issues to tackle such as the ones Justin mentioned! As for your meeting with Don and Ted – I just really hope they remember that I am committed to fairness and transparency with AGIA… that we realize how important the gasline is… and that we want Alaska to become more self-sufficient and self-sustaining – one way to do that is to see that the gasline is built. We will not be so reliant on the feds, then we won’t be pressuring Don and Ted for $$$ to the degree we’ve always done in the past. And hopefully they’ll know that Exxon does not have to be such stinkers to us in the press – that Exxon has a duty to develop, etc.

Have a great trip!

S R Parnell Ssr> wrote:


I flew through Seattle and ran into Justin Steifel. He asked where I was headed and I told him, and also told him I’d be speaking with the congressional delegation. Since he’s now lobbying on the Hill I asked him what Stevens, Young and Murkowski each had on their plates in DC– so I could be better prepared for the meetings.

When we got to the discussion on Sen. Stevens, Justin indicated that the Senator was entirely focused on re-election, that he was concerned about you running against him, that Young was concerned you were actively working to recruit Jim Whitaker to run, against Young.. .he indicated that most of these theories are cooked up by Congressional staff. I told him that those were outlandish theories!!

Next, I forgot to tell you what I heard at the Inaugural Ball. Carl Marrs pulled me aside and told me that the reason Exxon has been nasty in the press lately toward us is because they believe you have cut a deal with MidAmerican. Carl says he knows that’s not true because of his sources into MidAmerican–and I assured him that
wouldn’t be consistent with who you are. Amazing and ill-informed stuff, but all are items you should know are lurking in the background.


The fish are biting.
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From the source:

This collection contains over 24,000 e-mails from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s administration and was obtained in June 2011, more than two and a half years after the public records request for these materials. Crivella West, at its own expense, converted the paper copies of the e-mails produced back into searchable digital copies and made the digital copies available to the public without charge. In addition, Crivella West has provided analytical tools to organize the documents to help users uncover information of interest. Crivella West is continuing its collaboration with, Mother Jones and Pro Publica.

Use of Content
The hosting of these documents on this website is provided by Crivella West as a public service.

The FREE CONTENT provided on this site may be used provided you do not modify or alter these materials in any way that will violate Crivella West’s intellectual property rights, or delete or change any copyright or trademark notice. The material on this site is provided for lawful purposes only. In return for the use of our FREE CONTENT the user must give attribution to “Crivella West Incorporated”.


  1. #1 Tony P
    June 10, 2011

    Chatty one isn’t she! I recall when then RI AG Sheldon Whitehouse was leaving office he had me backup his pst file to his computer. It had 37,325 emails in it.

    That was after a four year stint as AG.

    So Palin was governor of Alaska for how long? Just under three years and only 24,000 emails?

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