Poop Factor

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My recent post “Inquiring Readers Want to Know: “Why is My Poop Green?” generated an extraordinary amount of interest. Why?

In the previous post, I was exploring search terms that ScienceBlogs readers most commonly use as an indicator of their interest. I could have chosen any title, but decided to go with reference to the search term “Why is my poop green?”

Did readers’ interest respond to a “poop factor,” {silliness? scatological humor?} or was it because of the more extensive list I included from the top 500 terms that included, in my opinion, many more interesting inquiries, such as “why do people believe in conspiracy theories” or “why evolution is true.” Inquiring minds need to know!


  1. #1 nice_marmot
    June 29, 2011

    ‘Cuz everybody loves poop!

  2. #2 natural cynic
    July 1, 2011

    Speaking of poop, Jefferson County Colorado has instituted a “There is No Poop Fairy” campaign for the benefit of park users. Featured as a segment on Rachel Maddow.

    Picture and explanation of the mythical being

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