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Shaming “No Chemicals”

Have you ever bought something that contained “no chemicals”? If you have, please let me know and share with Mary Carmichael, a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT.

What Americans Regret The Most

What do Americans regret the most? Regret can weigh you down, leading to focusing on the past rather than a brighter future. Each of us has a bundle of regrets; I will spare you my own list – it is unlikely you have the time or interest to lend a sympathetic ear. What’s on your…

This is incredible, from The Wall Street Journal!! “I panicked and said I was hacked,” said Mr. Weiner at the late afternoon news conference at a midtown Manhattan hotel. What was he thinking? See my previous post, giving him the benefit of doubt. So much for the dangers of hacking and computer privacy in this…

Sperm: As Strong As Ever?

Source. Sperm counts declining due to environment and chemical hazards is, seemingly, commonplace knowledge. But a startling study just published in the journal Epidemiology debunks the concept.

Fast, Hot Ships And Teenage Scientists

British teenage students have re-discovered a classical physical phenomenon, the Leidenfrost effect that could someday help ships glide through oceans more efficiently.

“An explosive power the size of a Hiroshima bomb – once a week.” Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Like most Americans, I would love to be able to drive without having to fill up with increasingly expensive gas – costly not only to our wallets, but to the environment and to geopolitics. Why not switch to…

Imagine you have two months to live. What would you do, what would you write to your friends and colleagues? I don’t know if I have two months – do you? No one does. Life is an ongoing risk, an opportunity to embrace challenges, to coast, or to be numb.

Source. The recent news media storm about Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and the “Twitter prank” highlights the importance of internet safety and security. It is not surprising that someone could hack into a public official’s Twitter account and post an embarrassing picture. But online social networks are only part of the story, and ad blockers…

“Clever as a” Fox Science News?

According to Fox News: The World Science Festival is launched today, June 1, in New York City, and: … promises a number of mind blowing revelations. Just consider these ideas, among the many to be presented over the next few days: * The first person who will live 1,000 years has already been born; *…

Billion Dollar Gila Monster Spit?

Source. This venomous lizard, Heloderma suspectum, harbors a billion dollar secret: a special protein in his saliva and tail. That protein, exenatide, is highly effective in treatment for type 2 diabetes.