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On a hot August Saturday afternoon, bright sun beating down on a crowd of over 20,000, my young daughter and I had our attention focused intensely on an enormous iron gate. It was supposed to open at 6 pm, and it was now 6:10 with no sign of movement. The crowd was there for one…

Predicting Hurricane Irene’s Floods

As I sit here in New Jersey, of which thousands of acres are under sea level, let us hope that Hurricane Irene does not unleash her wrath upon us hapless citizens…

Amidst Syria’s Madness, A Voice of Reason

On Friday, Aug. 19, National Public Radio’s Melissa Block interviewed Syrian activist Alexander Page (a pseudonym used for protection). I conducted an interview with Alexander Page on July 31, via email. In this brief discussion, I learned quite a bit about his background and his motivation for continuing protests against a government that is pushing…

New Opportunities across the Blogosphere

Dear readers, Some of you may be wondering what’s going on at Dean’s Corner. I begin a new position at my University tomorrow, August 15, serving as the Acting Vice President of Academic Affairs. {You can read the announcement here.}

The Triumph of the American Madrasahs

This piece was co-authored with Sir Harold Kroto. New legislation suggests a more appropriate name for the U.S.A.: The Unenlightened States of America.