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Hidden Value of NY Giants Commercial Breaks

MetLife Stadium: NY Giants vs. Washington Redskins, Dec. 18, 2011 (my own photo.) The New York Giants-Green Bay Packers divisional playoff last night had a whopping 40.1 million viewers, with numerous commercial breaks, some amusing, some annoying, some dull. What is the value of those commercials? Do they really allure new customers to their products?

Frequent Flyer Miles of Publishing?

Photo by Nicolas Genin. 66ème Festival de Venise (Mostra) In the touching film “Up in the Air,” Ryan Bingham played by George Clooney has an ambition of earning ten million frequent flyer miles, for which he: receives an instant upgrade: a personally engraved metal card that will allow him to directly access his own private…

Photo source, Stephanie Taylor. Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow, as discussed in my last post has captured America’s attention because of spectacular athletic skills and his – some say – shameless display of his religious faith.

Tim Tebow Foundation Tim Tebow with Jacob Rainey, one of the many people dealing with health problems Tebow hosted at Broncos games this season. Photo source. Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow has become a popular culture phenomenon not only because of his extraordinary athletic skills but because he lives out the values of his religious…

Photo source. Gender gaps are a persistent challenge in cultures across the globe, whether it is a gap of income or educational achievement. Is it a dream that the gap can be erased?

“Bath Salts” and Flesh-Eating Bacteria

The are many reasons not to use recreational drugs and this story is likely one of the scariest.

iPhone Sausage Making

Mac Users Guide Flickr Photostream As a technophile, I do love my iPhone and iPod as portable portals to new media, the web and entertainment. But everything comes at a price. I was reminded of this, starkly, by a brilliant commentary by Mike Daisy, featured recently on NPR’s This American Life. That sausage may be…

Building a résumé that gets an employer’s attention is serious business. Most employers need to be convinced that the candidate can be flexible and is an effective communicator. I have reviewed many résumés over the years, and this one is likely the most unusual.

Photo source. Young ladies proudly displaying tattoos do not typically bring to mind a neuroscientist or a passionate advocate for science education, but that’s the point.

HuffPost Science Off to a Good Start

Yes, I am well aware of skeptics of The Huffington Post, especially in coverage of science, medicine and technology. Skepticism is a healthy process in science. So let’s look at the facts.