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Whitney Houston’s Legacy, A Life Too Short

Photo source. Such sad news today – Whitney Houston died at the young age of 48. I have always enjoyed, and admired, her soaring soulful voice. What will her legacy be?

MetLife Stadium: NY Giants vs. Washington Redskins, Dec. 18, 2011 (my own photo.) This may be a sign of football withdrawal syndrome, but the day after the NY Giants won the Super Bowl I was searching for 2012 season tickets (more on that later.) I was reminiscing about last December when I took my son…

Comeback Kids: Job Creation and NY Giants

NY Giants net wins 2011 season (source.) Everybody loves an underdog winning the day. Congratulations to this year’s Super Bowl Champions! Will the US economy follow suit?

Beauty and Brains Tease

Sources: PetaPixel and Photo Vatika (Sony India) No, I’m not the first to discovery this extraordinary brain trick. I did want to share this, though, as an example of how our brain processes and stores images. Give it a try – amazing!

SpongeBob: The Jig is Up!

SpongeBob, that iconic, impossible character living in a pineapple under the sea. You’ve been living a lie, you know?

New Anthrax Scare in Pakistan

Color-enhanced scanning electron micrograph shows splenic tissue from a monkey with inhalational anthrax; featured are rod-shaped bacilli (yellow) and an erythrocyte (red) Credit: Arthur Friedlander A university professor has allegedly mailed anthrax to the Pakistani prime minister’s office in October, accoding to today’s The New York Times. Could this be the beginning of a new…