A Cigarette in my Dumplings


Don’t get me wrong. I love asian takeout food. Perhaps a bit too much. Here’s some really useful advice to avoid common and not so common pitfalls.

  • Avoid “General Tso’s” anything.
  • Edamame is great, but always asked for steamed.
  • “Lobster sauce” is a good choice, at about 50 calories per quarter cup.
  • Avoid those seemingly “light as air” chips, with as much as 14 grams of fat per handful.
  • Watch out for tofu dishes, as the tofu is sometimes deep fried.
  • Share entries!

And, last but not least, be careful with those dumplings – I once found a cigarette butt inside of one. So how did that get there? Not sure I want to know.

Thanks to Celebrity Diagnosis for the tips!

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