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FILE – In this July 7, 2011 photo, Casey Anthony sits in the courtroom before a sentencing hearing in Orlando, Fla. Anthony was acquitted on charges of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee in 2008, and was found guilty on four charges of lying to law enforcement officers. She is to be released from jail Sunday,…

Cradle of Creativity: Starbucks

Those late nights of coffee-induced creativity sessions. Whether they’re a memory or a recurring event, how we share them has changed dramatically.

Science Is Stupid, And Getting High

Ridue‘s Flickr photostream. This is not an endorsement for use of marijuana. I’ve always known that scientists and the news media don’t get along so well, but this is a bit much.

Detonate a Love Grenade

Love can be explosive. This may be a bit much, or it may be just right.

Stop smoking? Absolutely. Easy as swallowing a pill? Think again.

Corpses, Drugs and a $1,000 Scotch

Wolfram Meier-Augenstein Tragic Trajectory Forensic researchers used this 14-cm lock of hair to map a dead man’s route to the U.K. Measuring isotopes has come a long way. Recent reports describe an emerging field of environmental forensics. Where did those illegal drugs come from? Is that $1,000 bottle of scotch the real deal?

Poop Factor

Photo source. My recent post “Inquiring Readers Want to Know: “Why is My Poop Green?” generated an extraordinary amount of interest. Why?

2011 Miss USA: “Huge Science Geek”!

Miss California Alyssa Campanella wins the 2011 Miss USA Pageant. In preliminary judging, Campenella supported teaching evolution in public schools. In the finals, she gave a complex answer on legalizing marijuana. Photo Credit: By Valerie Macon, AFP/Getty Images This is my favorite story of the day: The newly crowned Miss USA, Alyssa Campanella, 21, of…

Bad Ads?

I have been writing recently about the role of science in advertising as the “new glam.” A Yoplait television ad brings a new dimension to this discussion. Is it possible for TV ads to deliver subliminal potentially harmful messages, whether intentional or not?

Dear readers, I am delighted that I have joined journalist Chris Mooney at The Intersection, his blog for Discover magazine as a guest blogger. My first post addresses the question, Sexy Science: The New “Sizzle” in Advertising? I look forward to your comments.