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Yes, a crisis does bring out the best, and the worst, in people. I consider myself amongst the lucky in New Jersey. Millions of homes were affected by Hurricane Sandy, including damage by severe flooding and fallen trees as well as loss of power and heat. Our home was not damaged, our family was safe,…

Ko Olina Beach (author’s photograph) Could Donald Trump and the Obama “birther” conspiracists be right? Some claim that President Obama is not an American because he was born outside of the U.S. Some begrudgingly acknowledge that he was born in Hawaii less than two years after becoming our 50th state but still characterize the President…

Annulus All Bent Out of Shape

Fern Roof (Kathrin Marks) Imagine that you’re a spore nestled on a leaf in a sleepy forest. It’s a dry, sunny day. All of a sudden – within 0.00001 seconds, you are flung into the air with an acceleration of 100,000 times the force of gravity. What happened?

“30 Rock” Meets Icy Finger of Death

This undersea video looks like science fiction showing an icy finger of death killing everything in its path, but is a stunning portrayal of freezing point depression – with narrative by the inimitable Alec Baldwin of “30 Rock” fame on NBC.

Global Warming Mini-Horses?

Can global warming (weirding) lead to smaller mammals?

Dirty Dancing for a Greener Planet

A dung beetle performing a dance on top of its dung ball. The little jig apparently helps the pea-brained beetles navigate. CREDIT: Emily Baird; Baird E, Byrne MJ, Smolka J, Warrant EJ, Dacke M / PLoS ONE Do you have a favorite animal? Chemist Sir Harold Kroto does. It is the dung beetle. Why?

Plant Sends Tweets for Water

Can a plant send tweets for water? It is possible, using a “do your own biology” approach.

iPhone Sausage Making

Mac Users Guide Flickr Photostream As a technophile, I do love my iPhone and iPod as portable portals to new media, the web and entertainment. But everything comes at a price. I was reminded of this, starkly, by a brilliant commentary by Mike Daisy, featured recently on NPR’s This American Life. That sausage may be…

Predicting Hurricane Irene’s Floods

As I sit here in New Jersey, of which thousands of acres are under sea level, let us hope that Hurricane Irene does not unleash her wrath upon us hapless citizens…

In the United States, if you have been convicted of a crime and are later exonerated, you may be faced with fewer benefits than those guilty of a crime after serving a full prison sentence. According to the Innocence Project: