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Oysters, With a Side of Mothballs

Source, Vanessa Pike-Russell’s Flickr photostream. No, this is not a bizarre recipe. First, the good news. Extensive testing of seafood from the Gulf shows that “99%” are safe to eat, despite the fact that the fate of some one million barrels of oil from the BP Deepwater Horizon oil rig is unknown.

A Beetle’s Screw And Nut

The 3D reconstruction [(A) to (E)] of coxa (green) and trochanter (yellow) of left hind leg of T. oblongus. (A) Depressed position. (B) Elevated position. (C) Coxa cut horizontally along rotation axis; dorsal aspect of trochanter while leg depressed. (D). Isolated trochanter showing external spiral thread and tendon (t). (E) Dorsal portion of coxa corresponding…

If it’s too loud nearby a river in Paris, you can blame M. scholtzi singing a raucous love song, exclusively by males wooing females.

Cristina Grande and Nipam Patel DIFFERENCES In this pair of land snails, the one on the right, with the shell opening on the right, is the more common of the species. My children and I recently “caught” a mud snail off the coast of New Jersey, and it got me thinking…

High Octane Burgers

Photo source su-lin’s Flickr photostream Millions of American families will be celebrating July 4 by grilling hamburgers and hot dogs before enjoying the evening’s fireworks. This is a good opportunity to think about the real cost of that burger. Yes, burgers can make an inexpensive and fast meal, but they are the most costly choice,…

Corpses, Drugs and a $1,000 Scotch

Wolfram Meier-Augenstein Tragic Trajectory Forensic researchers used this 14-cm lock of hair to map a dead man’s route to the U.K. Measuring isotopes has come a long way. Recent reports describe an emerging field of environmental forensics. Where did those illegal drugs come from? Is that $1,000 bottle of scotch the real deal?

Source: Sheep purple Flickr Photostream. Big Ag and antibiotics are becoming a lightning rod for a culture war of facts. Does agricultural use of antibiotics contribute to their diminishing effectiveness in people?

Global Warming, 65 Million Years Ago

Scientists have evidence that global warming may have occurred more than 65 million years ago. How does this warming compare to modern data?

Yes, I know that thousands of bloggers have been mining through the more than 24,000 emails released today from Sarah Palin’s time as Governor of Alaska. I could not resist some data mining myself. Here’s my pick, for now:

Sperm: As Strong As Ever?

Source. Sperm counts declining due to environment and chemical hazards is, seemingly, commonplace knowledge. But a startling study just published in the journal Epidemiology debunks the concept.