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Cut and Paste Bible Towards Reason

“I am of a sect by myself, as far as I know.” –Thomas Jefferson, 1819 Thomas Jefferson’s audacious act of cutting and pasting passages from various translations of the New Testament has always fascinated me. Why did he do it?

Jesus, À la Carte

Is that Jesus looking into a mirror? A recent study shows that Christian conservatives and liberals reflect themselves upon the image of Jesus, and it’s not an ordinary mirror.

Rick Santorum: Live Longer with God

Why has our life expectancy increased so much since the American Revolution? According to Presidential candidate Rick Santorum: “Because God says they have rights.” What about the role of sanitation, nutrition, education, medicine?

Photo source, Stephanie Taylor. Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow, as discussed in my last post has captured America’s attention because of spectacular athletic skills and his – some say – shameless display of his religious faith.

Tim Tebow Foundation Tim Tebow with Jacob Rainey, one of the many people dealing with health problems Tebow hosted at Broncos games this season. Photo source. Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow has become a popular culture phenomenon not only because of his extraordinary athletic skills but because he lives out the values of his religious…

The Triumph of the American Madrasahs

This piece was co-authored with Sir Harold Kroto. New legislation suggests a more appropriate name for the U.S.A.: The Unenlightened States of America.

Summer Camp at Utøya What did the young victims murdered at Utøya believe in?

Blindly Supporting Blind Faith

American taxpayers are supporting more and more private faith-based schools, including anti-science creationist curricula, whether you like it or not.

The World’s Best Functional Food?

Source. Watching the “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – On Stranger Tides” this weekend with my children reminded me that pursing a “fountain of youth” is a timeless tale that plays out in our lives in many ways. For example, you see this everyday in our grocery stores, in the form of “functional foods.” Cereals…

This is a story of two fetching women, one known for glitz and vacuous socializing, one known for serious news commentary and for reinventing the television morning news show format. Yes, as my title reveals, they are Paris Hilton and Mika Brzezinski whose paths crossed unwittingly, emblematic of American female beauty and brains.