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Rep. Bachmann, Leeches And Other Cures

Photo: Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine. When the leech begins its work – using its 360 minuscule teeth to scissor in – he laughs, “Now we are into business!” (Andrew Plucinski, hirudotherapist.) Could leeches help Rep. Michele Bachmann’s affliction?

Psychopaths in the Boardroom?

My colleague Prof. Mark Boguski at the Harvard Medical School shared a provocative quote: True? Not all psychopaths are in prison. Some are in the Boardroom.

Source: Sheep purple Flickr Photostream. Big Ag and antibiotics are becoming a lightning rod for a culture war of facts. Does agricultural use of antibiotics contribute to their diminishing effectiveness in people?

Billion Dollar Gila Monster Spit?

Source. This venomous lizard, Heloderma suspectum, harbors a billion dollar secret: a special protein in his saliva and tail. That protein, exenatide, is highly effective in treatment for type 2 diabetes.

The World’s Best Functional Food?

Source. Watching the “Pirates of the Caribbean 4 – On Stranger Tides” this weekend with my children reminded me that pursing a “fountain of youth” is a timeless tale that plays out in our lives in many ways. For example, you see this everyday in our grocery stores, in the form of “functional foods.” Cereals…

Lithgow Gingrich Proxy

Online social media played a major role in the 2008 Presidential election and is already looming large in the early stages of the 2012 Presidential bid. Newt Gingrich made a dramatic statement recently about Paul Ryan’s Medicare proposal:

Last year, I taught a short course at Gilead Sciences in California and was impressed by not only the high quality of their scientific research but their efforts to increase access of their HIV medications to developing countries. Now Gilead has joined a group of pharmaceutical companies to try something bold and innovative – to…

A Cry Is Just A Cry

Every parent knows the frustration of responding to a baby’s cries. Are they hungry? Wet? In pain? Need a hug? Tired? According to Dunstan Baby Language, you can interpret these cries with confidence, reducing your stress and making you a better parent. Really?

IBM Tongue Bytes

Source. A strange email arrived in my Inbox recently asking me for a picture of my tongue, assuring me “lifetime benefits.” First I wondered how this email escaped my Spam filter. But then I wanted to explore.

The Unbearable Lightness of Dying?

Death has been everywhere in the news media since the announcement of Bin Laden’s demise on Sunday. How this historic event will affect global terrorism is unknown; perhaps the most important news of all was of the treasure trove of computers and files found in Bin Laden’s luxury “compound.” With this event in mind, I…