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Academic Warfare?

This post was co-authored by Ali Arab, Ph.D., an assistant professor of statistics at Georgetown University. We are living in a global society driven by innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Success depends upon free access to information and unfettered research by scholars. Yet targeted academic boycotts are increasingly common, throwing more and more roadblocks on the…

Titanic Tweets for a Six Year Old

Six years ago today, Jack Dorsey sent the first Tweet. Twitter records events in real time. It can also bring history back to life, in a clever way.

Cheating Men, Grass-Eating Dogs

Could provide a snapshot of our collective inquiring minds?

Fourteen year old internet sensation Rebecca Black just released a follow up video “My Moment” after her debut of “Friday” that went viral with more than 167 million views. Attention at this scale landed her a spot on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a music video with Katy Perry, “Last Friday Night“.

Are You %&*#ing Kidding Me?

Source. Disagreements can arouse passions. The blogosphere can be a battlefield, with rapid fire blog posts and comments flying to and fro, sometimes helpful and thoughtful, sometimes off point unbridled ranting.

“My Prof Got Run Over by an iPod”

Liquid mountaineering. Photo source. Curiouser and curiouser… Intrigued by your interests on ScienceBlogs, I did an experiment.

Photo source, San Jose Library Flickr Photostream. So you’re on ScienceBlogs. What interests you, what are you looking for? As a regular blogger, I wanted to know.

This is incredible, from The Wall Street Journal!! “I panicked and said I was hacked,” said Mr. Weiner at the late afternoon news conference at a midtown Manhattan hotel. What was he thinking? See my previous post, giving him the benefit of doubt. So much for the dangers of hacking and computer privacy in this…

Source. The recent news media storm about Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and the “Twitter prank” highlights the importance of internet safety and security. It is not surprising that someone could hack into a public official’s Twitter account and post an embarrassing picture. But online social networks are only part of the story, and ad blockers…

Harvesting MMORPG Time

Source. I had a dream last night of harvesting MMORPG time to save the planet. Let me explain.