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Share This Online, 334 Ways!

Enthralled by the power of online social networking and search engines to advance my research projects and feed my insatiable appetite for information, I was under the impression that things were more or less under control. I was wrong.

BP’s Black Beach Burden

Teaser for “Black Beach” from Fourth World Media, LLC on Vimeo. Video. I recently wrote about “oil-eating microbes” and the lack of evidence that they will offer a solution to cleaning up the environmental nightmare that began last April after the BP oil spill. What will BP’s “black beach” burden become?

Texting As Killer, As Savior

Source. Second place winning design, from Kayla Rivera at Valencia CC, Wiley Student Advertising Design Challenge: Texting & Driving Don’t Mix Any driver knows the dangers of texting. Yet this practice has become commonplace. Dr. Robin Landa recently challenged students to design an ad campaign about the dangers of texting and driving; the design above…

Source. Media mogul Arianna Huffington was posed a provocative question: What if you ruled the world? Her answer will likely surprise you. Read on if you dare.

“Who Are You?” Thread

Dear readers, With “Dean’s Corner” in its third month, I would like to learn about you. Inspired by Ed Yong’s thread, I ask that you tell me about yourself, your interest in science and how you got here. I’m intrigued that readers of this blog are spread far and wide. Here’s a snapshot from yesterday’s…

Tonight, President Obama will give his State of the Union address at 9 pm with a new twist: using the latest online technologies, including streaming visual aids, with charts and statistics relevant to his comments. What a wonderful way to engage and educate the public! See you online.

I receive many emails from students that were likely composed using a mobile device. Their sentences do not contain capitals (“i request…”), there are often grammatical and spelling errors as well as incomplete sentences. This comes as no surprise, I know. But tYp3 LyK tHi5?

There has been a media storm over Sarah Palin’s “invention” of the word “refudiate” as an ersatz term for repudiate. In her own words, as reported today in The Huffington Post: {apparently she blamed the “typo” on her Blackberry…not inconceivable.} “I pressed an F instead of a P and people freaked out,” said Sarah, pointing…

Is It Really So Difficult to be Civil?

By inspire*dream*create*, Rachel Souza’s Flickr Photostream I realize that I am a new blogger for this site, and have enjoyed the challenge of sharing some of the latest scientific breakthroughs as they are happening. I have enjoyed reading some of my fellow bloggers, “Sciblings,” learning about new discoveries from their perspectives.

Schadenfreude Explosion!

If you are fascinated with word usage, I suggest you try a powerful new tool, Google NGram Viewer. According to the website: What’s all this do? When you enter phrases into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books (e.g., “British English”, “English…