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I’ve written about Going Gaga, but this is a curious turn…. Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Goes Gaga. Is he becoming a “little monster”?

Consider the realm of influence of Twitter itself, as a Twitterer – if there is such a term. Twitter just celebrated its “5th birthday.” Who is the CMO?

Lady Gaga’s Pray For Japan Bracelet

Lady Gaga just announced to her close to 9 million Twitter followers that she has designed a “Prayer bracelet” to raise funds for Japan. What a brilliant way for a celebrity to raise funds for an important humanitarian project. Go “little monsters”! You can order one, or more, here.

Lady Gaga’s new perfume – could it be an intersection of art, fashion, marketing, desire, pheromones, molecular biology? Perhaps.

Avian Cleopatra: Lady Gaga at The Emmy Awards

Source. Remember the “Goody-Gaga” effect per Prof. Boguski at Harvard? Well, here’s an example of compelling art as a statement. What is art? What is the message? Maybe that’s the point.

Let’s face it. Communicating about science and medicine is hard. First, you have to grab attention – an incredible challenge in a 24 hour news cycle with provocative often meaningless sound bites and advertisements, all fine-tuned towards the psychology of the human animal. Messages directed to our appetites for food or sex, gossip, fear, loathing…

Going Gaga

This Halloween, Lady Gaga costumes were all the rage, but one fan has taken devotion to a whole new level. This fan, who has attended some 28 Lady Gaga concerts worldwide (so far!) and created an “adoring fan” website, happens to teach sociology and has developed a new sociology course, “Lady Gaga and the Sociology…