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When I saw the message below from Charles Blow, columnist for The New York Times, and listened to the audio from Rep. Bachmann, I considered writing a commentary about the position of the American Psychiatric Association on the use of “reparation therapy” to “cure” homosexuals in light of Dr. Marcus Bachmann’s business. Then I thought:…

Are You %&*#ing Kidding Me?

Source. Disagreements can arouse passions. The blogosphere can be a battlefield, with rapid fire blog posts and comments flying to and fro, sometimes helpful and thoughtful, sometimes off point unbridled ranting.

I’ve written about Going Gaga, but this is a curious turn…. Republican Presidential Candidate Tim Pawlenty Goes Gaga. Is he becoming a “little monster”?

Immortal Animals and Other Curiosities

Can animals be immortal?

14 Ways to Skin a FOX {News}

Photo Source, D W S’ Flickr Photostream. Dr. Cynthia Boaz, an assistant professor of political science at Sonoma State University, published a thoughtful article at Truthout that deconstructs an example of a news media outlet that is not “fair and balanced.” I would like to share her analysis as “14 Ways to Skin a FOX…

My last post “How Tea Party Members Don’t Always March to the Same Beat” generated some strong opinions from readers. My goal was to add nuance to the political discourse, reminding us that voters labeled by one particular group are not a monolith, marching in lock step – despite the caricatures portrayed in most news…

Blogging Pro Bono

Photo source. The blogosphere can be a strange world for writers, offering vistas as broad ranging and fickle as human nature itself. Bloggers relying on pageviews for sustenance, even those who do not, face the challenge of attracting as many readers as possible, sometimes at the cost of becoming an uncivil “woo meister,” provocateur or…

Poop Factor

Photo source. My recent post “Inquiring Readers Want to Know: “Why is My Poop Green?” generated an extraordinary amount of interest. Why?

Rep. Bachmann Scholar?

Chris Wallace Asking Michele Bachmann if she is a flake. Fox News Sunday. “I’ve worked in serious scholarship…” Rep. Michele Bachmann. Really?

“My Prof Got Run Over by an iPod”

Liquid mountaineering. Photo source. Curiouser and curiouser… Intrigued by your interests on ScienceBlogs, I did an experiment.