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Growing a Brain in a Dish

Source. That doughnut shape decorated with bright green spots, some connected by red pathways, amidst sky blue neighbors could be an artist’s creation, but is the result of a creative scientific attempt to grow an active brain in a dish, complete with memories. Really.

The Unbearable Lightness of Dying?

Death has been everywhere in the news media since the announcement of Bin Laden’s demise on Sunday. How this historic event will affect global terrorism is unknown; perhaps the most important news of all was of the treasure trove of computers and files found in Bin Laden’s luxury “compound.” With this event in mind, I…

Blow Your Mind!

If you’re interested in the complexities of our brain, a glimpse into the incredible complexity and beauty of how connections between our neurons can lead to ultimately what makes us human, this video is a must. Take five minutes, and prepare yourself to be awestruck.

Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson has made quite an extraordinary observation about the controversial actor Charlie Sheen – did you know that Mr. Sheen is “is scientifically more literate than most”?

Bedazzled Neurons

Anyone with a young daughter knows about “bedazzled.” When I first saw these images of intact, single neurons capable of generating electrical signals, “bedazzled” came to mind.

Mouse Brain Fantastic Voyage

If you’ve ever wondered how a single neuron fits into the incredibly complex structure of a living brain, I highly recommend this three minute video. Be prepared to be awestruck.

Fruitfly Brainbow!

Source. Here is a compelling example of creative use of protein labeling technologies to view complex anatomy – a perfect complement to my ongoing series about fruit fly brains!

3D Live Peep Show: In the Brain

Imagine being able to observe the health status of your brain streaming real-time in 3D. Medical treatments for a range of neurovascular, neurological, cancerous and trauma-induced conditions would be far more effective, because snapshots over time would reveal the progression of a disease or damage. This is not science fiction. Scientists at Stanford University have…

Inducing a worm to lay eggs with laser light from Samuel Lab on Vimeo. A research group at Harvard University, led by Prof. Samuel has developed a new way to manipulate nerves using lasers, given the cheeky term “CoLBeRT”{reference to Stephen Colbert}. In science terms, CoLBeRT is: Controlling Locomotion and Behavior in Real Time

Your Brain On Music: Pure Joy

Figure 2: Evidence for dopamine release during pleasurable music listening. Listening to music invokes our emotions, ranging from pleasure to disdain. It is one of our most human experiences, sometimes so profound that words cannot convey the intensity. One of my closest friends, a professor of musicology, once asked me in a moment of self…