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Hunter_de_Rat Scientists funded by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization are reportedly guiding Chinese officials towards their “very first non-animal test method for cosmetics ingredients.” Given that PETA is an organization not known for either ethics or science, I am deeply skeptical about whether this initiative, if true, would promote biomedical…

LSD, Hangover Cure?

Alcoholic Anonymous founder Bill Wilson put forth the controversial idea of using LSD, yes, LSD to reduce alcohol abuse. Is there any scientific evidence for this?

Bacterial Ice-9?

Ice 9 by toastforbrekkie. The idea of Ice-9, although fictional, has always fascinated me. Its properties are so powerful, so influential, that one “seed crystal” can direct its entire surroundings, freezing oceans. A recent discovery of one component of the cell wall of bacterium reminded me of this effect. Let me explain.

Ritalin’s Fallacy

Diffusion MRI Tractography in the brain white matter. Some drugs work well because they are designed to hit a single, well understood target. Consider penicillin. In a simplified sense, penicillin destroys a single enzyme that bacteria need to divide and to infect you, thereby killing the harmful bacteria. But what about psychiatric drugs? Is there…

Elderly Dogs on Viagra? Relax.

Photo source. Sometimes science can sound strange, at least until you understand its drive to understand nature at a deeper level. Mayo Clinic researchers wanted to test whether blocking a particular protein would be useful in treating heart failure, and ended up testing elderly dogs on viagra. Let me explain.

Generic Lipitor, The Same and Not The Same

Photo source. With the news of availability of generic Lipitor, a cholesterol lowering drug, sales of the prescription brand have plummeted, as expected. Is generic Lipitor really the same as prescription Lipitor? Consider this: “Generic drugs are identical to brand name drugs.” True or False?

Rep. Bachmann, Leeches And Other Cures

Photo: Courtesy of the National Library of Medicine. When the leech begins its work – using its 360 minuscule teeth to scissor in – he laughs, “Now we are into business!” (Andrew Plucinski, hirudotherapist.) Could leeches help Rep. Michele Bachmann’s affliction?

Cure For The Itch

Why do we itch? Is there a cure?

Stop smoking? Absolutely. Easy as swallowing a pill? Think again.

A Reading in the Salon of Mme Geoffrin, 1755 Madame Geoffrin’s 18th Century salons, as a gathering place for public discourse, are regarded as Renaissance versions of online social networking. Such collective knowledge and discussion has found numerous creative uses, including fresh approaches to improve public health.